Come home, come to mama

MaMa Pioneers offers a NEW modular shared living concept, with positive social and environmental impact.




Human centered design
MaMa offers a varied modular living concept. Tenants can choose their ideal home in different types and sizes at different locations.
Let the sunshine in
Homes have lots of daylight and private or shared outdoor spaces.
Furnished and customised
MaMa offers unfurnished and furnished homes. Tenants can customize the layout, furniture and styling.
Designed for wellbeing
MaMa offers highly comfortable homes with humidity regulating timber ceilings, floor heating, good acoustics, cross ventilation, large openable windows with lots of daylight, nice views and fresh air from the communal gardens.
Sustainable construction
MaMa’s homes are built to the highest sustainability standards often by flexible, futureproof, modular prefab timber construction, circular and/or biobased materials.
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A new place in town: A healthy, inclusive, sustainable and affordable place
MaMa’s lounge is one of the shared spaces for the community. It is linked directly to the kitchen and co-work. Residents can hang out here, eat, drink, read or listen to music.
MaMa offers space to make art and exhibit it. Art is passively and actively present at all MaMa locations.
MaMa buildings have a makerspace offering facilities for making and repairing all kinds of things in a sustainable way, and making art.
The communal roof garden is a quiet place to overlook the city, to meditate, meet or just to tan in the grass. The roofs have dedicated zones for urban farming where residents grow their vegetables and herbs and get eggs from the henhouse.
Roof Pavilion
The roof pavilions of MaMa buildings are multipurpose spaces with a terrace for cooking and eating together, working, meeting, and partying. In the morning this area can be used for outdoor workouts, yoga or workshops.
Urban Oasis
MaMa buildings are nature inclusively designed around green courtyards, green roofs and vertical gardens. This is where you can rest and recharge. These spaces also filter the air, produce oxygen, reduce noise and generate a more moderate climate. Cooler in summer, warmer in winter.
Gym and Yoga
MaMa knows that physical exercise contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Therefore Each building has various in- and outdoor sports facilities in addition to inviting stairwells. Residents of a MaMa building can also use the sports facilities at other MaMa locations.
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You're just as welcome as anyone else
MaMa's innovative digital platform includes an app that enables residents to use and/or control all operational services within a MaMa building. They have real-time insight into their rental status, their energy and water consumption. But they can also book the available facilities and spaces, and stay informed about community activities.
The MaMa kitchen offers space for communal events like food workshops, to cook and eat together or have a party. Residents can join the cooking club that organizes events. Recipes can be shared between different locations through the MaMa app.
In the publicly accessible neighborhood café, residents go for the best coffee or a beer after work, enjoy a good meal, catch-up or get some work done.
Meeting room
MaMa meeting rooms are multipurpose and can be rented privately. They are furnished comfortably. The meeting rooms can be used for meetings, workshops or for throwing a birthday party.
MaMa offers optimal facilities to combine living and working. As a result, residents do not have to free up space in their homes. The MaMa co-work space is obviously well equipped. It also offers opportunities for networking and/or collaboration.
The launderette is not just a functional service, it is also a pleasant place where residents can meet and drink a cup of coffee together while your laundry gets radiantly clean.
In the mobility hub residents can rent e-bikes or electric cars in addition to parking their own means of transport. With the MaMa app they can make bookings.
The Community Manager (the MaMa) selects and welcomes new residents and helps them to integrate into the community. MaMa contributes to the continuous improvement of the onboarding, community experience and service level as a whole.
With the MaMa app tenants are in direct contact with the maintenance service. This way they can be served quickly in the event of a malfunction or any other service questions.
Entrance with locker wall
In the electronic locker wall packages and deliveries are stored and collectable at the entrance hall.
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