MaMa Pioneers wants to help solve the climate and housing crises and create social cohesion through an international network of resilient and sustainable residential communities.


MaMa Pioneers designs, builds, owns and operates a network of highly sustainable buildings that enables more affordable living. Through vertical chain integration we are able to create long term sustainable value for all our stakeholders. Tenants, neighbourhoods and the planet profit from MaMa Pioneers’ internal design, construction, financing and management capabilities.

MaMa Pioneers aims to create social cohesion in residential communities with innovative shared facilities and on- and offline services. 

MaMa Pioneers has great ambitions to further expand (inter)nationally.

Sustainability Mission

MaMa Pioneers’ goal is to minimise carbon emissions during the construction and operation of a network of resilient and adaptive residential communities with profound positive social and environmental impact. MaMa makes future proof and nature inclusive buildings that can adapt to climate change, support healthy living and grow into social hubs, regenerating their existing neighbourhoods. 

Mama Pioneers uses a three-step strategy to achieve and monitor our sustainability goals. We will publish more info in our news section in the future as we monitor the construction and operations of our buildings:

  Material systems
    Renewable energy