Timber city block, built around a tiny forest

Centrumeiland IJburg, corner Pampuslaan, Muiderlaan, Amsterdam

165 apartments (42-120m2) in affordable rental and market rental segment

Shared-living facilities
Entrance hall with electronic locker wall, kitchen, lounge, co-work, party and play areas, gym, meeting room, guestroom, two roof gardens and pavilions with outdoor kitchen and gym, urban farming, laundry, mobility hub with shared bicycles and cars, ateliers and studios for artists and musicians.

Public facilities
Neighbourhood café, office and retail spaces, public library, artist studios, exhibition space and makerspace. 

Studio lofts 42m2,  lofts M (55m2) L (85m2) XL (120m2), atelier lofts (friendshouse) 85m2 for high potential students of art academies.

Q1 2026

Robin Wood is a city block entirely composed of prefabricated timber modules unified by a timber frame facade which forms a striking beacon on the Centre Island of IJburg. The prefabricated CLT modular construction supports a composition of diverse loft modules in different sizes and layouts.
Robin Wood consists of six buildings grouped around a tiny forest. These are interconnected by galleries and bridges as elevated streets which link the lofts, roof terraces and communal spaces. Robin Wood also offers a great view over the IJmeer. 

Robin Wood’s green heart
The tiny forest is a green courtyard. It is the green heart of a lively new neighbourhood.
The inclusion of nature in the total building design offers a profound sense of homecoming and wellbeing for busy citizens. Tenants can recover and re-energise in comfortable and quiet apartments overlooking an aromatic silent courtyard garden. The sunny green roof deck contains urban farming and beehives. On the roof there is also a pavilion where residents can meet, eat, relax, do yoga or an outdoor workout.
Inside and outside have fallen in love
Robin Wood is a building with vertical gardens irrigated by a water retention system that keeps these fertile. It also cools the building naturally, even in dry hot summers. It offers a home to bats, birds and insects. Domestic waste composting is used as natural soil fertiliser. 
The beneficial effect of overlooking nature is known, but greenery also contributes to the absorption of sound, particulate matter and heat. 

Ready for a better future
The building is net positive meaning that it produces more electricity than it requires by the use of solar and geothermal power. 
Robin Wood yields a significant positive contribution to the emerging circular economy. It is built with renewable, biobased materials such as timber, reducing the carbon footprint enormously. The 6.077 m3 of timber used in Robin Wood ‘removes’ 4,350 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, equaling the annual emission of 2,827 households or 17 million car kilometers. In European certified production forests, a construction volume like Robin Wood grows in 5 minutes. So, the more we build in timber, the lower our carbon footprint.        

mixed use wooden city block
Urban Oasis
MaMa buildings are nature inclusively designed around green courtyards, green roofs and vertical gardens. This is where you can rest and recharge. These spaces also filter the air, produce oxygen, reduce noise and generate a more moderate climate. Cooler in summer, warmer in winter.
A new centre for IJburg
Designed for wellbeing
Robin Wood offers highly comfortable homes with humidity regulating timber ceilings, floor heating, good acoustics, cross ventilation, large openable windows with lots daylight, nice views and fresh air from the communal gardens.
Sustainable construction
MaMa’s homes are built to the highest sustainability standards often by flexible, futureproof, modular prefab timber construction, circular and/or biobased materials.
Mama offers smart compact living for starters but also larger homes where you can combine working and living or raise a family.
Atelier loft
At Robin Wood the residential timber modules also include a duo apartment (a so-called friends house) with two 30m2 studios, shared workspace, kitchen and balcony.
Studio Loft 42m2
Poppies offers a hundred Loft Studios with an efficient kitchen and bathroom core in the centre.
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