Poppies is about circularity: raw reused materials, water, energy, ecology, waste streams and social sustainability have been brought together into one balanced design. Poppies’ indoor and outdoor spaces flow smoothly into each other. In this way compact but generous and sunny homes are created. We bring the quality of the countryside to the city by lots of green.

The beneficial effect of overlooking nature is known, but plants also contribute to the absorption of sound, particulate matter and heat. Collective functions are located on the roof, such as a garden with sports and yoga facilities, and a pergola with an outdoor kitchen with picnic tables. The shared living, working and cooking areas are located on the first floor and are connected to the neighborhood café. The building contains light sunny homes with a wooden ceiling, kitchen and sanitary block. Each apartment has a soundproof side on the courtyard and an unobstructed view of the street. You can choose which side you live on, because the living and sleeping areas are interchangeable and can be arranged flexibly. Poppies sows the seeds for a new shared-living concept in the mid-rental segment that is circular in the broadest sense.